Tracy Foltz – Founder

“Running Robots have made my website a real thing! When I came to them, my website was not much more than a landing page and I needed it to be so much more. After a couple of in-depth meetings, they understood where my site needed to go and made it happen painlessly and quickly. In the months that followed, I started receiving a lot of compliments from my customers, not only for the aesthetics of the site but especially for how fast & easy it was to navigate. Soon I was ready for more and let them know that I wanted to 10x my website sales in the next year and we made that goal plus some!”

“My site is never down and is always fast. The few times I’ve had a hiccup with something, they’ve gotten on it as soon as I’ve reached out. Even though it’s my website, I run all my ideas past them first because I truly value their opinion. They’re straightforward with the facts on why I should or should not do something which in turn lets me move forward with confidence that my site will continue to run smoothly. I never lose sleep worrying about my website being up and running.

We’re now in the process of optimizing my site even more in order to double or triple my annual sales again and I know they’ll provide me the very best tools to make that happen. They are a great business partner and my business thrives with them by my side.”