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The Solution

Our writers have earned the title of wordsmiths through their consistent results. Their tantalizing sentences keep your prospects on the page for longer than any prospect would ever expect to stay. They will be hooked and wondering why they find themselves diving deeper into your website. When it comes to your products and services pages, you will find our writers place strategic calls-to-action in just the right sentences.

Did you know?

The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words. (Backlinko, 2016) How many words are on your landing pages?


Words that Capture and Convert

Turning to Running Robots for your content creation is truly a no brainer because our writers provide the hook, line, and sinker you need to reel in even the most reluctant prospects.

Since more individuals turn to their smartphones and tablets, we want to make sure each page has enough headers and subheaders to break up content so your prospects can easily digest the information. The bot crawlers tend to provide a higher ranking to websites that incorporate various header tags (headings and subheadings) along with bullets and numbered lists.


Authoritative, Original Content

If you’re thinking our writers can’t serve your industry, think again. Our writers take the necessary amount of time to conduct interviews and research from credible sources in your industry to ensure every word they type is correct. The content you receive will be accurate and reaffirm your status as an authority figure in your industry. Better still, every piece of content is unique to your business and your business alone.


Receive Nothing But the Best

While our writers typically get everything right on the first draft, we offer one round of revisions if they miss the mark. We want to provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate their superb abilities and ensure your website content is everything you hoped for and more. Since content is such a crucial aspect of your website, you deserve nothing but the best.

Simply let us know what needs to be changed, and our writers will get it right the second time. 


Your Indexed Pages Will Rank

Your content’s layout is nearly as important as the carefully chosen words themselves. The bot crawlers that index your website’s pages are looking for specific tags when they visit your website. While our website design robots ensure your pages can be indexed and ranked, we ask our writers to right in clear sentences with an emphasis on readability for mobile devices. 

It’s a win-win situation! Our writers provide you with expert content that can be easily read on any device and your website’s indexed pages will rank higher because of our writer’s specific writing structure. 


Content Pays for Itself

Your prospects will better understand what your company and what it offers. Due to the intriguing headlines and captivating paragraphs, your prospects will stay on the page longer and your bounce rates will decrease. You can even expect to have an opportunity to facilitate a conversation with prospects better than ever before since our writers lead the prospects right to the call-to-action on every page.

Content is king. Context is queen.

We hope we’ve made it pretty clear that your website’s content should be taken as seriously as the internal structures and user interface. Content will be the determining factor between a high-performing website or one that barely has any customer data to review at the end of the month.

Let the robots write.

Not all of us are wordsmiths, and we get that – that’s why we have a team of writer robots on our side! Leave the carefully crafted, highly converting content creation to our exceptional team of writers and reap the rewards. Your website’s content will capture your voice and your brand message because our writers go the extra mile.

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