Website Assessment

We’ll find where there’s room for improvements. You’ll get a website that’s a online conversion machine.

Website Application

What’s missing?

There are a number of key elements that help improve things like organic page rank (that’s where you show up on a Google search). If your website is missing some of the following you’re hurting your chances of gaining conversions.

Website Effectiveness:

  • Does the website look nice and professional?
  • Is there a professional logo?
  • Is there a call to action or key message in the main banner?
  • Is there a contact number on the top of the website?
  • Is it obvious what your business does?
  • Is there a primary action for visitors?
  • Are there secondary actions to take?
  • Is the menu navigation easy to use?
  • Are there social media buttons?
  • Is there a lead capture form on every page?
  • Are there customer testimonials or reviews?

Search Engine Friendliness:

  • Does the website make the first page of search results?
  • Does the website take 3 seconds or less to load?
  • Is it responsive?
  • Is there a unique page title on every page?
  • Does the page title include your brand?
  • Is there a unique meta description for each page?
  • Are there at least 500 words on each page?
  • Is the copy relevant and unique?
  • Is the copy easy to digest with paragraph breaks and bullets?
  • Is there content with keywords above the fold?
  • Are there keywords in headings?
  • Do all internal hyperlinks work correctly?
  • Is there a map of your location present on the website?

The Next Steps

Does this seem overwhelming? We’re here to help! Ensuring your website is fast, efficient, and effective is in our nature. Even in our website design process, we do more than make a pretty page. We’re focused on including all the key elements above, improving usability, and making an impact that will improve your ROI.

Let’s chat about your website needs.