Position Title



As the owner of Running Robots, I wear many hats currently. I am working to transition my roles into less operations and more sales/business development.

Background Information

I grew up two miles South of the happening metropolis of Homestead, Iowa (population 25).

My background is a mixed bag of crazy. From an early age, I have always loved the intersection of technology and art. After high school, I was set to become a Chiropractor and follow in the old-mans footsteps. Things changed when I published a patent for an in-car computing device.

First Job

At the ripe age of 14, I would ride my bike two miles on gravel to wash dishes for the homestead kitchen. I was paid $5.25/hour and loved every minute of it. Except for the dish washing part. ;)

Favorite Part About Being A Running Robot

When a customer calls or emails and explains that Running Robots has helped them exceed their sales goal or hire more employees or help grow their business. This is what keeps me pushing forward: our client success.

Lessons Learned While Being a Running Robot

Working until 3am and drinking large amounts of caffeine might affect cognitive function the next day. ;)

Goofy Memory Had With the Running Robots Team

I am not going to go into many details here but let us just say unexpected gas passing in meetings.

More Interesting Facts

I love hopping on a mountain bike and going for full-day rides in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of the night.