Position Title

Web Designer


As a web designer, a big portion of what I do is taking the client’s ephemeral dreams for their website and turning those ideas into an aesthetically pleasing website to enhance their online presence and increase their bottom line, all while keeping the end user in mind. A big portion of the design process is making sure our clients are being presented in a way that promotes them and their brand with continuity, through the colors, fonts, photo selection, and everything else that goes into their website. I also provide backup support for Tif if she gets overwhelmed when working with support.

Background Information

I grew up on a farm outside of Pella, Iowa (yes, I am Dutch) and graduated from Dordt University in 2010 with a BA in Fine Art, with Studio Art and Graphic Design emphases. After getting out into the working world upon graduation, I discovered my one (yes, only one) web design class in college might not be enough to be considered a web designer. So, I proceeded to learn HTML and CSS on my own, at a time when responsive web design was still in its infancy. Being able to learn informally has definitely honed a spirit of persistence when faced with a challenge.

First Job

I worked at Pella Books, a used bookstore, where I learned a lot about old books. My favorite part was preserving the dust jackets.

Favorite Part About Being A Running Robot

Being part of a team that is highly driven and motivated to help the clients as much as possible is one of the best things about the Running Robots team. Everyone wants the clients to succeed as much as possible. Being part of a larger team than I am used to means I can ask questions and get feedback from multiple different sources instead of just relying on one or two voices.

Lessons Learned While Being a Running Robot

I’m still pretty new to the RR team, but being able to ask for help or for ideas/input, especially when running into an unanticipated snag is always good. Learning a new design editor as part of joining a new team increases the challenge level!

More Interesting Facts

Currently living on my husband Andy’s family farm, so I guess farm life is just in my blood. When I’m not working, I’m trying to keep up with our dirt-loving, mischievous little boy Lincoln. While I’m not as dedicated as I used to be, there was a time when I would be running a 5k race every weekend.