Position Title

Co-Owner/Creative Operations Director


As the Co-Owner/Creative Operations Director of Running Robots, I am really big on design. But, in real life it’s whatever needs to be done. I do a little bit of everything: books, payroll, design, art direction, HR, team management. You name it!

Background Information

I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University. Over the past 14 years, I have creative and strategic teams working in lifestyle, entertainment, and technology industries.

First Job

My first job was a Cashier at Dunhamn’s Sporting Goods. They were old school and we had to type everything in and sign everything, so this is where I perfected my scribbly signature.

Favorite Part About Being A Running Robot

I love our team. Everyone works well together and is willing to help each other out however they can. I also enjoy helping businesses get out of the dark ages, some clients who haven’t updated their digital presence in a while are amazed by what can change and who you can connect with via digital channels.

Lessons Learned While Being a Running Robot

Well…I’ve learned a lot about managing a business, keeping the books, running payroll, while continuing to learn from all of our team and their expertise. Each intern we’ve had has come with a great amount of knowledge to teach the team as well as every new hire. I think the “thing” that sticks out the most as far as learning goes would be perfecting our process. A lot goes into figuring that out and all it’s moving parts.

Goofy Memory Had With the Running Robots Team

Oh man, where to begin. The one that keeps coming to mind is the time a certain someone kept shutting the toilet lid loudly for at least a month, and we would all giggle every time it happened, until one day we all couldn’t stop giggling when they came out and had to tell them about it. It turned into a show and tell of how every one closes the lid in their own way. Too funny.

More Interesting Facts

So my husband runs the “biz” with me, yes, Adam. And we have a kiddo named Axel along with two pups, Buster (Chihuahua) and Boone (Vizsla). We recently bought a little camper and have been camping almost every weekend. We LOVE it.

As for me, I’m into ANYTHING outdoors, in particular, biking and hiking. I also love knitting and quilting (yup, I’m an old lady) as well as any other art or craft, I don’t think I’ve found one I don’t like yet!