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Art’s Way Ag

Art’s Way Ag began with humble beginnings on a farm near Armstrong, Iowa. Arthur Luscombe developed a powered grinder mixer in 1956 for his farm. His invention turned into a sought after product. With his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to well-built, reliable equipment Art’s Way Manufacturing was born.

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The Client

Smart. Practical. Hard-working. Proud.

Art’s Way Ag is part of the Art’s Way Manufacturing corporation which is made up of 3 brands: Art’s Way Manufacturing, Art’s Way Scientific, and American Carbide Tool. In 1974, Art’s Way became a publicly traded entity under ARTW.

Today they are a successful, straight talkin’, “” company with 140 employees. They are committed to continuing Art’s legacy by hearing customers’ challenges and responding to them with specialized equipment for a profitable operation.

Their Challenge

When Arts Way Ag came to Running Robots, their website and marketing materials were showing their age.

With new product lines and branding materials, Arts Way was looking for a fresh new website and dealer portal that would drive sales.

The Goals

The goal was to organize these items into a cohesive structure that would streamline navigation for leads, existing customers, and dealers.

  • Leads should be able to research products and select options to create valuable interactions with Art’s Way Ag’s dealer network.
  • Existing customers needed to find the resources to service or upgrade their existing equipment as well as finding a trusted dealer.
  • Dealers needed a streamlined interface to relay order / inventory information back to Art’s Way Ag’s manufacturing facility.

Our Approach

Lead Generation = Main Focus

Lead generation was the main focus for what we needed the website to produce for Arts Way — we developed an interactive quote system that allowed the customer to virtually ‘build’ the equipment they wanted to purchase with the estimated cost of that product shown at completion. The client could then enter their contact information for requesting a distributor/sales rep to contact the client about setting up a purchase of the equipment they had built.

Research + Process

Simplicity at it’s best.

We reviewed other large farming equipment websites to see how they accomplished the process of attracting users to ‘shop’ their site without being able to complete the purchase through the website because of the large cost of the equipment. Allowing the customer to build the equipment they need and revealing the estimate cost without having strings attached to submitting an email and attracting less quality leads because you are only allowing for quantity when the user is forced to supply contact information to see if the price point is even in their budget.


Referencing the approach to the challenge above, we developed a form submission system that worked with WordPress to automate the form submissions to be directed to the appropriate sales director to contact their distributors so that the distributor could then reach out to the client and establish a relationship with the newly submitted lead.

Here at Running Robots, we have had the opportunity to work alongside members of Art’s Way Ag to…

Developed a Form Submission System

Created a Dealer Portal with Direct Database Access to Their ERP System.

Reconfigured the Dealer Locator

Implemented a File Management Plugin to Organize Manuals


From August 15, 2021 to October 13, 2021 we saw traffic to their website increase 67.81%. These users were largely from the United States and Canada. With the increase in traffic we were able to keep engagement relatively steady. Through redesigning Art’s Way’s website we also improved their user navigation experience. This can be seen from the decrease in average pages per session which went from 5 to 2 pages. Aside from these great improvements we saw increases in traffic to some of their most important pages:

New Users to Homepage
Users to Manuals Page
Contact Pageviews Increased
Find a Dealer Pageviews Increased

2020 vs. 2021