Position Title

Search Engine Specialist


Michelle joins us from the Mitten state! Michelle specializes in search engine optimization strategies at Running Robots and is responsible for performing on-page and technical SEO optimizations on client websites to help our clients reach their target audience organically. Michelle has worked in the SEO industry for over 10 years and is passionate about helping businesses of all size succeed in their SEO campaign.

Background Information

I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. I have worked in the digital marketing and SEO industries for over 10 years and have seen a lot of changes in both. Both are constantly changing industries which makes my job both challenging and rewarding.

First Job

I worked as a website developer for the Assessment and Accreditation department at my University. This was my first experience getting to see what a website could do for a department in terms of reaching people.

Favorite Part About Being A Running Robot

Helping the clients to succeed in their digital marketing campaigns with measurable results in SEO. I love looking at the data and utilizing it to determine where and how to improve a campaign.

Lessons Learned While Being a Running Robot

I learn something new here everyday and particularly enjoy getting to know each client and their unique needs. Jay, Adam and really the whole team have so much knowledge about digital marketing and it is always fun bouncing ideas off of the team. Just like the industry, we are constantly evolving and growing with the times!

Goofy Memory Had With the Running Robots Team

No specific goofy memories, but just the general vibe of the team is awesome. We are always joking around with each other.

More Interesting Facts

I am a massive music fan, so my free time usually consists of either listening to music or attending a show. I also enjoy traveling and have plans to visit multiple countries in Europe having already checked the United Kingdom off my list. I’m a lifelong video gamer and probably have way too many consoles spanning from the original Gameboy to the N64 to the Xbox One Series X. I love animals and have a trusty feline office assistant (or two) in my office at all times.